Services include transcription of interviews, lectures, podcasts, seminars, conferences, meetings, videos, telephone calls, sermons, legal recordings, focus groups, speeches, reports, letters, memos, and other recorded items or events.

Transcription Rates for Audio/Video are charged Per Audio Minute, and are rounded up to the next minute.

Turnaround Time1-2 Speakers3-4 Speakers5+ Speakers
24 Hours$2.25$2.50$3.00
48 Hours$1.75$2,00$2.50
3 Days$1.50$1.75$2.25
5 Days$1.25$1.50$2.00

Time coding will be charged at the ‘5+ speakers’ rate.

Rates quoted are for clear and well-recorded audio. For Difficult Audio, add an additional .25 per audio minute. (Difficult Audio is defined as audio with:  Substantial background noise / People speaking too low to hear / People speaking with thick accents / Low quality recording)


Additionally, we can take your hard copy, such as written notes or a printed physical document, and turn it into a digital, editable format.

Transcription Rate for Written Notes / Documentation is $.15 per line. (Based on the 65 character per line method.)